Group hike in the Cascades (L-R): Andrea, Tanmay, Martin




Lab BBQ 2015 (L-R): Takeshi, Ho-Tak, Martin, Shao-En, Emily, Danny


Current members:

Shao-En Ong; PI

Andrea Lius; UW Pharmacology, Graduate Student

Daphnée Marciniak; Research Scientist


Lab Alumni:

Martin Golkowski; Post-doctoral fellow (Tenure-track Assistant Professor, University of Utah October 2022)

Takeshi Masuda; Post-doctoral fellow (Assistant Professor in Kumamoto University, Japan)

Danny Hyong-Won Suh; Research Scientist (Industry, Data Science)

Ho-Tak Lau; Post-doctoral fellow (Umoja)

Keri Lewis; Research Scientist

Rod Meneses; Lab assistant

Taylor Moreno, Undergraduate Researcher (NIH Post-bac program 2020, UW MSTP)

Emily Myers; UW Pharmacology Graduate Student (Graduated 2019)

Katy Ni; Undergrad research assistant

Tanmay Sapre; Research Scientist (Industry)

Anna Shoemaker, Undergraduate Research Assistant (Grad Student, University of Montana)

Calvin Snyder; UW Pharmacology Graduate Student



We are always looking for motivated and talented individuals to join our lab as post-doctoral fellows or students. Please email Shao-En (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with a cover letter, CV, and a one to two page description of your research interests.



Our work would not be possible without our funding sources. We are grateful for the support of the NIH (NIGMS NCI, NIAMS, OD) and the DOD.